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Putzmeister product highlights for Bauma 2019 at a glance

Putzmeister will be presenting the latest generation of truck-mounted concrete pumps READ MORE

Putzmeister product highlights for Bauma 2019 at a glance

Putzmeister will be presenting the latest generation of truck-mounted concrete pumps

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Truck-mounted concrete pumps - more efficiency

Putzmeister will be presenting the latest generation of truck-mounted concrete pumps with the M63-5, M36-4 and M51-5 models. The user benefits from increased efficiency, improved operating comfort and greater profitability. The new Ergonic® 2.0 controller available as standard assists the operator with various functions. As an example, EOC 2.0 optimizes engine speed to achieve a fuel saving of up to 25 %. The 30 % lighter and ergonomically clever remote control shows all relevant data on its colour display in Realtime.

iLS concrete pumps – higher conveying capacities

Thanks to larger cylinder diameters and fewer strokes, the new iLS concrete pumps are low-wear. The components are more durable because the stroke compensation no longer occurs in the final position and pressure peaks are prevented. Even under extreme conditions they are set apart by high conveying capacities, quiet running and durability. The comfortable handling of the hopper cover is apparent when the cover is opened. Four spring-locked stages allow it to be conveniently positioned. Improved accessibility simplifies maintenance work.

Tunneling – frictionless logistics

In the tunneling sector, the conveying, distribution and placing of concrete face particular challenges: the spatial situation, long conveying distances and conveying times and various formulas for processing. From sprayed concrete for securing in-situ, special mortars for injection work and concrete for the interior work.

The key to cost-efficient solutions here lies in the efficient use of resources. This is aided by automated processes and solutions matched to the task at hand. As an innovation leader in concrete conveying, Putzmeister can boast an extensive range of products specifically for tunneling: Mortar machines, optimally designed for micropile injection, ultra-modern concrete pumps and mixers for smooth concrete logistics, as well as sophisticated spray concrete solutions for tunnel securing work. FORMKRET, the automated shutter filling system reduces personnel expenditure, increases application safety and shortens project lead times with low cleaning effort.



Prefabricated production - flexible concepts

No matter whether for tunneling, industrial, road, building or bridge construction: it all comes down to constant concrete quality. Putzmeister offers concepts for state-of-the-art machines in the prefabrication plant in the form of the Autocor® modular system. They require very few personnel, are flexible and designed for high capacity utilization.

If the shuttering is stationary, the Autocor® system offers a mobile solution and for moving shuttering a stationary one, i.e. permanently mounted in the hall. With complex geometries, concrete pumps allow the shuttering to be filled from below. The continuous concrete flow improves the quality of the finished parts. Benefit: same and personnel savings because less rework is required. Our comprehensive range of concrete pumps, conveying lines, placing booms and buffer storage systems can be combined in such a manner that an existing factory or a factory requiring modernization can work flexibly and extremely productively," explains Michael Höss, Head of the Special Application Department.

Practical screed conveyor

At Bauma 2019, the market leader in the screed conveyor sector will present its latest generation of the EstrichBoy to visitors. The compact pneumatic conveyor for mixing and conveying screed comes in a new design and with tried and tested new features. The focus is very much on operation, efficiency, service and safety. The mobile screed factory TransMix and the Brinkmann EC 350 electrically-driven 32 ampere pneumatic conveyor will also be presented on the Putzmeister stand (Hall B6, Stand 100).

Digitizing concrete conveying processes

Putzmeister offers perspectives for a digital future. For the user, intuitive and precise operation means: easier work! On the exhibition stand, visitors can enjoy a live experience: In the clever machine cockpit, all relevant machine data are shown in real time.


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